Welcome to the ST

Welcome to the Shadow Troops!

If you are from Club Penguin you have arrived at the site of the Shadow Troops of Club Penguin!

To become a soldier and receive a rank you must join the Shadow Troops but before you become a soldier you need to know how to be a soldier! This is a quick tutorial on how to join and be a good soldier for the Shadow Troops! If you would like to join us in our journey for justice and fun, read on!

 How to Join

A) First you must submit a request to join on the join page, but hold your horses soldier, read the rest of this page before you start the process.


B) Once you have submitted a comment you will be given a rank in the Shadow Troops. As soon as you are done submitting the join application you can begin reading the posts and updating yourself on the status of the Shadow Troops. Just read the first few top posts, and then go on to the next step! By reading posts you will receive the information that you need such as battle times, battle results, war posts and more!

C) After you have updated yourself on information you can go to the Shadow Troops chat! This is where we receive orders during the battle, but even when  we’re not battling its important that you go there for orders and just to chill out and meet other soldiers!


Once you’ve completed the process you have become an official soldier of the Shadow Troops.

Remember, once you’ve joined it’s not over! You need to keep coming back and continuously checking the posts and going to chat. Make some friends and serve the Shadow Troops with all you got!

You are now a soldier of the Shadow Troops!

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