Shadow Troops Events

US Training session

Tuesday, June 20th

Server: To Be announced

6:00 pm EST|| 5:00 pm CST || 4:00 pm MST || 3:00 pm PST ||  11:00 pm UK


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Join the Shadow Troops

Tuesday’s UK Division Training

Hey penguins!

Today we held our first UK Division event, and maxed 16 while averaging 12. Our tactics and formations need some work.

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Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats: NEW FIELD OPS

Hey penguins!

Club Penguin Rewritten have released a brand new Field Ops! Read more for the complete walk-through!

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Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats: How to get the ‘Snack Shack’ Stamp

Hey penguins!

As the Music Jam party is currently being featured on Club Penguin Rewritten, the ‘Snack Shack’ party stamp can be collected! Continue reading to find out how!

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Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats: NEW UNLOCK CODE

Hey penguins!

Club Penguin Rewritten have released a brand new unlock code to celebrate the Music Jam party!

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To all leaders and owners

There will be a very important meeting for all owners on Monday, June 19th discussing the general future of ST and what direction we’re going in. OWNERS AND LEADERS ARE REQUIRED TO COME, IF YOU DON’T SHOW YOU RISK LOSING YOUR RANK(unless you have a legitimate reason to not be there).

Times: 3:00 PM EST || 2:00 PM CST || 1:00 PM MST || 12:00 PM PST || 8:00 PM GMT

Clearing up confusion

Lately there has been confusion among both ST troops and RPF troops due to a fallacy created by Max saying how ST “hated” RPF. I want to bring it to publicly say that this is VERY MUCH FALSE. Max does not speak on the behalf of the army, that authority belongs with the leaders and he did not have consent of the leaders to do so. Unless directly stated by either Me, Humza, or Carlos, our relations with other armies do not change.

Now I will show an updated version of our foreign relations




Redemption Force


Everyone else

Regarding the recent changes to our enemies:

Redemption Force are now considered enemies due to the fact that they have been trying to recruit our troops into their army, and are to be banned on sight on our chat.

Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats: NEW PLAY AT THE STAGE

Hey penguins!

Yesterday, along with the Music Jam, CPR released a brand new play at the stage: Fairy Fables!

Read more for the latest CPR cheats…

Image result for fairy fables cp cheats

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Club Penguin Rewritten Music Jam Cheats & Walkthrough

Hey penguins!

The Music Jam has finally arrived, and I’ve got you covered for all the cheats!

Image result for music jam logo

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Shadow Troops UK Division

Hey penguins,

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Opening Event Results

Hey penguins!

Today was our opening event for the brand new Shadow Troops CPR generation! We got off to an amazing start with some great sizes, although our tactics and formations did lack a bit throughout. However, this is to be expected as we have only just reopened! Unfortunately, the RPF decided to unfairly raid our event. We will be making a full response in the coming days.

Read more for the pictures!

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