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My Criticisms of the CPAC Ruling and Evidence of their Systematic Bias

Bluesockwa will testify that I had asked for a different judge other than Funks, and for him to oversee the CPAC battle prior to the results

As many of you know, the Shadow Troops “lost” in a CP Army Central tournament battle against the Light Troops. While I do congratulate Light Troops and have no doubts about their legitimacy as an army, I would simply like to point my perspective and perceived bias against the Shadow Troops regarding the decision.

Now to list my many criticisms.

Room Announcement 

Background: After controversial room announcement timings throughout the tourney, the most notable example being the Hippos receiving the room a whole 1 MINUTE after the room was announced, I think it is fair for me to call attention to the lack of fairness that the room announcement had.

I will admit, albeit grudgingly, that the Light Troops dominated the Forts. However, if you look at the pictures of the battle during the Stadium, Shadow Troops have quite a large amount of members, similar in amount to the Light Troops. This indicates similar sized armies, and even distribution. It also indicates that both armies got the room at the same time. In an intense battle, where maps are open, everyone eager to enter the room, MILLISECONDS make a difference. I coincidentally had actually been in the Forts prior to both armies entering, and so I noticed the wave of Light Troops entering followed by a sudden surge in Shadow Troops after, whilst the room became full.

What does this mean? *First of all, I strongly encourage you to look at the pictures of the Stadium, where BOTH armies, entered at the same rate and see for yourself that Shadow Troops must’ve had at least 25-30 people on Club Penguin, and the Light Troops as well must have had much more penguins than those that entered the room. My simple question is, if the LT and ST had the amounts that they had, is it really statistically possible the amount of LT that entered into the Forts was that much bigger than the amount of Shadow Troops? I don’t believe so.

 Room Times

You might not have been convinced by my earlier point, and simply shrug it off as saying the Light Troops were faster. Although I don’t believe that’s true, let’s ignore that part of the battle for a second.

Now as all of us can agree, the Shadow Troops nor Light Troops were in control of the bots. That makes the bots besides the point. The Light Troops definitely won the Forts, however as we opened our maps preparing for the next room, the Shadow Troops struck back. In the cove, the Shadow Troops largely outnumbered the Light Troops. But, out of nowhere, in a sudden change of heart, Funks decided to change rooms AGAIN within 3 minutes. My question is: WHY? The Shadow Troops had the same edge the Light Troops had in the forts, but instead of allowing the battle to proceed, Funks changed the room to the Stadium.

Not only did he change the rooms after an unfair amount of time,(3 minutes in the Cove vs 10 minutes in the Stadium), he didn’t WEIGHT the rooms equally. He didn’t tell the other judges, make sure you weight all the rooms equally, INSTEAD he said to me in a private chat later “a 10 minute room is not equal to a 3 minute room”. What I would like to point out is, HE is in control of the room times. Why did he make it 3 minutes as opposed to 10 minutes? ALL rooms should have the same time, not up to his discretion. Why did he do this?  Is it because he didn’t want a section of time to be controlled by the Shadow Troops? He will argue “oh there were bots”, but bots are besides the point. Neither I, nor Waterkid can affect the bots. The facts are, portions of both armies entered the cove. The battle should have continued for 10 minutes. Why did Funks have to change rooms? Is it because he did not want Shadow Troops to advance? This is actually very likely, given his previous videotaped bias against the Shadow Troops. He also admits, perhaps foolishly of him, that the Shadow Troops did indeed have the edge in the Stadium.

The “Judges” Ruling

As many people WITNESSED on chat, Funks changed the “Votes” 3 times. Not only that, he first cited Judges not even present in the room. Originally, the Shadow Troops were handed a 5-0 Defeat. However, suddenly, as Zing questioned Funks as to who voted in the battle, Funks struggled to come up with answers. Zing, if he is an honest man, will also attest to the truth that he did in fact ask,”If so and so, and so and so, didn’t vote, who the hell did?”. This is when I realized it was happening again. Funks had struck again. In the chaos that followed, as the revelations that Funks had counted votes of judges who had not even been present in the room (Sammie sticks out in particular), [Badboy who was also a judge, will testify to this], and hadn’t counted many judges who were supposed to vote, I began to smell the sabotage.

Soon after, Funks realizing that the current ruling’s authenticity was definitely challenged, he decided to order a revote. I’d like to point out, that he would have held his ground had  there been no wrongdoing, but he in fact DID order a recount. During this revote, Sonic changed his vote to the Shadow Troops. However, Funks insisted, that Sonic can not change his vote. Why? I think judges should always be allowed further evaluation and realization of who the winner is. Sonic will testify to the fact, that he got his vote in BEFORE, the verdict was announced. This is proven by the fact, that as soon as the  battle ended, Funks left quickly. However when he returned to the chaos he had created, he insisted Sonic did not get the change in before the verdict. Sonic however, persistently asked Funks to provide evidence that he had not got it in time, as all of us know, if the user isn’t on xat, the PC will pop up once you relogin. Funks would once again fail to provide this evidence.

After the decision of  “4-2”, Funks completely ignoring Sonic’s new vote, the Shadow Troops were eliminated once again.

His Previous Record of Bias

You might be wondering, why? Why am I singling out Funks? Reasons: He was the main judge of the battle. But that is NOT the most important reason. The MOST important reason is because he has a history of bias against certain armies.

Even the Light Troops will remember unfair instances of his treatment. Remember him failing to acknowledge Light Troops as an army on the CPAC top 10? I do.

But you might be thinking, he would vote against the Light Troops then! However, recently I argued he was not a legend, and for some reason he has always held a bias against the Shadow Troops. But these are not just allegations. I have video proof of a previous CPAC battle which I humbly ask you to watch.

This is from a long time ago, but I think it still proves the point. Unfortunately, we don’t get tra

y 1 army.

[8:24] Riot’s baseless accusation against Shadow Troops? Will Funks agree?


nsparency of the judges opinions, so video evidence of bias is hard to come by. However, this is somewhat recent, and Funks is a distinguished member of the CPAC community at this point.


I’d like to simply point out a few moments of Funks conspiring against the Shadow Troops in this video. Mind you this is the Shadow Troops generation where we banned all army leaders, and had all our troops in onl8:33] Jerry scrolls through ST chat. Almost nobody is in their accused armies.

[11:16] Funks never comes forward with Riot’s so called picture. Also notice he doesn’t come forward and say that there is no such picture at all! The picture never surfaces throughout the video.

[12:08] Ganger proves Funks/Riot baseless accusation wrong

[12:17] Funks changes his story. A common theme as his plots fall apart.

[16:40] Funks agrees with Riot. “I know” Does he really know? What evidence does he have?

[18:52] Compared to ST that is minor. Still waiting for the proof…

[21:11] “Clearly!”Wheres the proof? Also, anyone present in armies during this time period would know Ana(Jujuflower) helped out nearly any army

[27:03] Jerry senses the bias as well. Demands proof. It would never surface.

I’d also like to point out, that we are not the only army that felt this way. The RPF also feel they won the battle vs Thugs, as they were the only army that got around 7 troops into the Snow Forts first (bots raided) [which actually indicates once again that room timing announcement is flawed] and had even sizes for the rest of the event.

Now, after all that I’ve shown: the room announcement, the room timings, the unfair weighting of rooms, Funks’ previous history of bias, the story of the judges not matching up, My question is: Can you blame me for not having confidence in the result?


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