BATTLEJune 20th, 2017
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The Shadow Will Rise….The Last Ride


Shad’s Office~As the End of Days is coming in the next few weeks we return to the Shadow Troops to remind everyone that we are still here in the shadows. This Legendary Army is here for the fun and memories we once had. We aren’t here to be serious or anything, but we do expect to hopefully make an upset at this last Legends Cup Tournament. The Shadow Troops have had many runs and to win the last Legends Cup would be a perfect end of an era. At this Battle we need everyone to join together and make this a successful event. For those that know me, I am all about fun. I could care less about making armies serious as I am here for you all to have the fun YOU deserve.

Shadow Troops are my Home Army and THAT is why I have taken this chance to be one of your last leaders. I am here to join you all on this last adventure. At this Legends Cup Battle I have messaged the ST Brotherhood to let them know of our return.

Now for this next battle. It might be a tough one, but I know we can overcome it and win. Light Troops have always been “The Army of Bullies”. All they are, are a bunch of bullies that can’t survive for long. SO I suggest we all show them that the Shadow Troops are the better and bigger army. Everyone believes that we are a joke and will die soon. Lets show them all up and take this home. Shadow Troops…The Shadow Will Rise. So come on what are you waiting for? Join our Last Ride.



Shadow Troops Leader


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