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Battle Guide

This guide will teach you how armies work

How do battles work? In terms of Club Penguin armies, we have battles that use various forms of tactics and formations. Club Penguin armies use tactics and formations to fight their opponents.

Why do we have battles? Most of the time, we have battles to determine who will own a server. Most of these type of battles occur during wars. Some armies will also have “practice battles.” Practice battles are mainly for fun, and obviously, for practice as well.

What are formations? Formations are used to make an army look organized. They are basically lines that army members will organize themselves into. There are many types of lines that an army may organize themselves into. For example, they may make a diagonal line across a room, or make a line along the chatbar on Club Penguin.

What are tactics? Tactics are what is used to fight against an opponent in a battle. Some tactics that may be used are: emotes, words/phrases, or motions (such as throwing snowballs).



As it is explained above, formations are used to make an army look organized. Armies may use different shapes, or lines, to organize themselves into. If the leader wishes to do so, they may even have their army make a formation of letters. For reference, you may find a list of links with pictures of various formations below. The red line indicates what the formation may look like.

Types of formations


There are more other formations but those are a few of them so you get an idea of how they are.


Battle Tips

During our battles, we do tactics, which is when the whole army does a specific command made by a leader. To be the best troop possible, it is vital that you do them as perfect as possible. Here is a list of every emote that can be done on Club Penguin.



The Bunching Rule:

Another important thing that needs to be done on the battlefield is known as spreading out. No, not like spreading butter on toast, but spreading out as an army so we don’t bunch up. We all want to be shown on Club Penguin so we look bigger than the other team, correct?

During battles, you should NOT look like this:

No bunching

What’s wrong with this picture? 

  • When we are bunched, our army looks smaller and weak


Charging tactics

Charges or “bombs” are tactics where our army rushes at the other army. Most of the time we do it while doing emotes.

Example of a charge: