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I have been in armies, personally, since 2010. In that time, I’ve made a name for myself, but nothing that is truly “long lasting”. And after doing some thinking with Thomas, along with a few friends of mine from the Water Vikings, we came to the conclusion that this was likely our last chance to hit it big. Fact is, We’re getting old. We can’t do this forever. So, in our final attempt to really make it big, to make a change to the community, we have banded together and created a new army.

The Golden Guardians

This may be the only generation of GG, but we hope that the one generation that does exist will be one that allows for not only the satisfaction of those who have done work for Club Penguin Armies before, but those who aspire to go further. We are striving to truly create an Army to end all Armies. Here’s the good part. If you were in Shadow Troops, your ranks have been transferred over to the Golden Guardians.  Together, we WILL create the greatest army of this new generation, with a golden combination of old school talent and legacy, and the new way of thought better suited for the future. I hope you will ALL join Thomas and I as we go on to this next step, and, hopefully, go on to change armies for the better.



Thank you –  ALL of you, for allowing ST to strike hard while it lasted. Don’t think of this as the end. Think of this as the next generation.

ST site will REMAIN UNTOUCHED to preserve it's legacy


Today, after a really enjoyable few weeks in the Shadow Troops, we have bid our farewell to the army that many troops are dedicating a couple of hours every day for. I must admit that while I’m feeling sad about the end of the Shadow Troops, I am looking forward to what the future is going to bring. The Shadow Troops were officially brought to a close today by leaders Pjayo, Thomas83514, and Shadow Legend S Cargo2 led the last tactics before everyone logged off. We started on the server Ascent at the Forest and then moved to the Iceberg. We maxed 19 average 18. Big thanks to everyone who came.

I hope the almighty Shadow Troops army of Club Penguin can rest in peace.


Penguin Style Cheats for May

Here are the Penguin Style Cheats for May! Continue reading for information.

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Event on Zipline

Today, Shadow Troops logged on to Zipline to do a practice event. We maxed 16 and averaged 14. We started in the Mine, and finished in the Ice Rink. The event went very well and we did some great tactics! Read on for pictures.

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Event on Deep Freeze

Today the Shadow Troops logged into Deep Freeze to do some training, we started in the Coffee Shop, a room we don’t normally use but decided it would be fun to do something different. We then went to the Ice Rink and tactics were mostly perfect all round. We did some interesting formations and maxed 10. Continue reading for pictures.unknown-12.png

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Recruiting Event on Marshmallow

Today, Shadow Troops logged on to Marshmallow to have a recruiting session. We maxed 12 and averaged 10. We started in the Town, then went to the Snow Forts, and finished in the Ski Village. Read on for pictures

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Sunday, May 3rd

Blizzard, Club Penguin Rewritten

Igloo Raid

8:00 PM, BST (UK)
3:00 PM EDT (US)
2:00 PM CDT (US)
1:00 PM MDT (US)
12:00 PM PDT (US)

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Recruiting (US)

Had an event earlier today, as we attempt to strengthen our relatively weak US division. We maxed 8 and averaged 6


We need to work on our US division, so if you know anyone in the United States who is looking for an army, send them my way~

We Are the Warlords Now (UK)

Hey Shadow Troops, today we had our first battle since reopening, against the Warlords of Kosmos. While we didn’t hit our goal of 20+, we did go on to win the battle, with a max of 14 and an average of 13, but we need to aim higher. Don’t slack yet. We will go on to crush the top ten with time. Read more for pictures!

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The Calm Before the Storm (UK)

Hey Shadow Troops, Today we held a training event on Abominable, where we maxed 12, and averaged 10. While this may not seem like a lot, our tactics were really out of this world, and I can’t thank everyone who attended enough for their support. As the title implies, our next event is against the Warlords of Kosmos, so we need every Shadow Troop ready to roll.  If we hit 20 during Friday’s event, I will be giving out promotions. Pictures for today’s event are below!kosmos Continue reading