BATTLEJune 20th, 2017
    EVENT BEGINS NOW GO TO > xat.com/shadowtroopscpr
  • Join the Shadow Troops!

  • Welcome to the website of the Shadow Troops! We are one of the strongest armies of Club Penguin! We hope to see YOU join as soon as possible! If you would like to join the Shadow Troops, please comment on the JOIN page and you will get a rank as soon as possible. Thank you for joining and we hope you will visit us at our chat where you can talk to your fellow soldiers! Welcome to Shadow Troops!
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The Shadow Troops Empire

1. Summary:

The Shadow Troops are mainly a Republic and are overlooked by the Guardian Council. The Guardian Council consists of retired leaders and legends from the Shadow Troops that will help assist the current leaders in decisions that must be made. To be part of the Guardian Council, there must be a majority vote within the council to allow that individual in. When a leader retires, the next person in line (primarily the longest serving second-in-command) will become the next leader. 

Guardian Council Member(s): Coff, Zack3166, S Cargo2, Step, Veolata


2. Servers:

Key: ☆ = City Level

CAPITAL: ☆☆☆☆☆ Blizzard ☆☆☆☆☆

  •  Marshmallow
  • Zipline

Shared/Alliance Servers:



3. Citizenship & Elections:

Citizens: To become a citizen, all you have to do is join the Shadow Troops. Here are a few rewards citizens get:

  • Citizen get to vote.
  • Citizens are more respected and listened to within the Shadow Troops than any people that are not citizens of the Shadow Troops.

Elections: To choose 3ics, we hold elections. We hold an election every time there is an opening spot, and the winner will receive a rank in the ownership. The Leader decides how he/she will hold the elections but they must be fair and impartial.


4. Allies:


☆Brother Allies☆




5. Enemies:

Redemption Force


6. Neutral:

Everyone else

 Official Bird of ST “owlcity207”


Official Fruit of ST “Epicorange1”



3 Responses

  1. The red comrades would like to become allies……

  2. It’s the old one, so some items are not available anymore.

  3. how do you get the member costume

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