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  • Welcome to the website of the Shadow Troops! We are one of the strongest armies of Club Penguin! We hope to see YOU join as soon as possible! If you would like to join the Shadow Troops, please comment on the JOIN page and you will get a rank as soon as possible. Thank you for joining and we hope you will visit us at our chat where you can talk to your fellow soldiers! Welcome to Shadow Troops!
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Welcome to the Shadow Troops!

Welcome to the website of the Official Shadow Troops of Club Penguin! We look forward to seeing you out there on the battlefield, but first you must JOIN to do so. Answer the questions below and you will added to ranks shortly.

Join Application

After you have commented below, return to the home page and complete the rest of the steps. As soon as you meet the requirements, you will be allowed to enlist into the Shadow Troops. It may take up to three days to receive a rank so please be patient! We look forward to seeing you battle as a Shadow Troop in the present and future.

Now to find our chat click HERE.


*If you want to use one of our army pictures, here you are:


Have Fun in The Shadow Troops!


15 Responses

  1. thx

  2. i just joined

  3. […] Yes, the legendary Shadow Troops are arising from the dead yet again. This time Pingu and I will lead them to great heights and i won’t quit when we fall, i will stick with Shadow Troops until i reach my goal which is being first on CPAC. We will be hiring loads of mods and owners, that can recruit because me and Pingu always have a computer that is recruiting in the background.   This generation won’t contain legends that’ll help us lead with their great experience, no, its only me and Pingu. If you want to apply for a mod/owner position or you want to get your former position in an other Shadow Troops generation you are more than welcome to just come to our chat and talk to me, TheRobot221, or Pingu or just submit a join comment here. […]

  4. Smthingblue
    Googled ST.
    I wanted to be in an army.

  5. Justin93109
    Dark Troops, Doritos, Water Troops, Light troops. Ice troops
    I was wondering if the was a shadow army so I checked, and here i am!
    I love Being in armys, and we get to do tactics!

  6. 1) What is your Club Penguin username?
    2) Are you from Europe, America or Australia/Asia?
    America, EST
    3) Have you ever been in a Club Penguin army, if so, which and what rank?
    Yes; ST idk, AR member, DK mod, Chaos 3ic
    4) How did you hear about the Shadow Troops?
    Slimy told me.
    5) Do you promise to be an active and dedicated member of the Shadow Troops?
    Of course i do, I’m always active!
    6) Most important question: Why do you want to join the Shadow Troops?
    I want to rejoin my first ever army!

  7. Pepecacadodo



    Another penguin online


    I would like to join because I have never been in a Club Penguin Army and I was told it was very important for agents to join, and I am an agent.

  8. Zachmann10.
    Yes, Shadow Army, the one before this one. Leutinent.
    i thought i would rejoin my old army.
    I got a little bored

  9. emonicp
    because i remember being int he shadow troops b4 so i want to be in it again.

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