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Shadow Troops Legends

To be inducted into the Shadow Troops Legends Page you must have served in the Shadow Troops for over five months.

These inducted individuals have changed the Shadow Troops, along with their history for the better. Their careers are to always be appreciated.

*NOTE- Only legends can make another person a legend.*


Table of Content

  • Warfare Pioneers
  • Greatest Leaders
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Warfare Pioneers

This is the most prestigious category that the Shadow Troops has to offer. Individuals in this category truly revolutionized the Shadow Troops in specific approaches that others could never have imagined. Individuals are rarely added to this category, and even if they are, it will be decided by the Shadow Troops Guardian Council on whether he/she may deserve the title of Warfare Pioneer.


Inducted on January 1st, 2009

Coff is the only individual thus far who had be given the title, “Warfare Pioneer” in the Shadow Troops. He led the Shadow Troops through the most harshest, as well as the most glorious periods. No matter how terrible the Shadow Troops performed in a specific period of time, Coff always believed in his members, ultimately giving the Shadow Troops the momentum to succeed. Not to mention, Coff mentored future leaders of the Shadow Troops, providing them with genius advice to allow them to maximize their full potential by entering the CPAC Top Ten.

Coff introduced the various approaches whilst leading an army, whether it was utilizing isolation from the community or introducing the one army rule, which eventually was strictly enforced by a later leader, Veolata. These approaches allowed the Shadow Troops to reach first in the Top Ten; however, from his efforts with the Shadow Troops, he was eventually nominated to become inducted as an Club Penguin Army Community Legend, but sadly lost in the final round.


Greatest Leaders

These individuals have constructed substantial contributions while in the Shadow Troops. This individual has led the Shadow Troops to greatness in outstanding ways that have inspired the community. They are often linked to a Shadow Troops golden age as a result of their unique leadership qualities. One individual will be added to this category in an annual voting, which will occur at the end of each year.


Inducted January 1st, 2009

Commando993 created the Shadow Troops, which was the first official, “Troops” army in Club Penguin. Commando was considered a prodigy at the time, revolutionizing a movement for creative names to exist in the community. He created the Shadow Troops while he was only seven years old, and developed a powerhouse while being mentored by Coff. He successfully found unique leaders, such as Apocalypse66, Bandit Boys, and Canada Goose that would assist him with leading the Shadow Troops.


Inducted January 1st, 2010

Apocalypse66 was considered to be the “Strategic Mastermind” during his time with the Shadow Troops. Although he had a short temper, he planned a strategy that would allow the Shadow Troops to win the famous, Parka War against the Nachos, RBAA, as well as RPF. At the time, Apocalypse66 and Coff were considered to be a dynamic-duo. Apocalypse66 would strategize plans for plans, as well as discuss diplomatic solutions with certain armies, while Coff would execute them and successfully win. Without Apocalypse66s’ mind, the Shadow Troops would not have been known for defeating multiple armies during the Parka War.


Inducted January 1st, 2012

Vetsd is one of the most notorious leaders the Shadow Troops have ever experienced. He is credited with leading the Shadow Troops into the Top Five, included him holding onto the first position for the first time in the Shadow Troops history. Vetsd is known for leading in 2011 alongside with Commando993, Coff, and S Cargo2 when the Shadow Troops won the CPAC award, “Biggest Rise of 2011”. These four individuals made the Shadow Troops the largest they have been until that point. Vetsd will forever be remembered as one of the most influential Shadow Troops leaders ever.

Feephill / Saw

Inducted January 1st, 2013

Feephill is one of the greatest Shadow Troops, who introduced Club Penguin recruiting. He is credited with leading the Shadow Troops into the top ten multiple times, especially known for his efforts in defeating the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos of Club Penguin, and the Aqua Warriors. He was often described as a mastermind for recruiting many Club Penguin users into the Shadow Troops. His dedication and motivation in recruiting allowed the Shadow Troops to rise to a world power in the community.


Inducted January 1st, 2014

Slimy102 was one of the most dedicated leaders the Shadow Troops have ever experienced. He started as the lowest member rank, and eventually was promoted to leader within a year. It was tough for Slimy102, as he led the Shadow Troops through some of the harshest times. Even though this occurred, he still managed to lead the Shadow Troops into the Top Ten. Slimy utilized his time wisely in order to recruit outstanding individuals to fulfill his needs. Although the Shadow Troops were not able to surpass the Top Three, they were very much stable and remained consistent until he retired. Slimy proved that stability is more important than unstainable growth and saw that the Shadow Troops slowly became larger. Slimy is most noted for his defeat against the Doritos of Club Penguin and the Underground Mafias Army.


Inducted January 1st, 2015

Veolata was quite the character; he led the Shadow Troops during their best and worst times. He brought the Shadow Troops to first, which was definitely an accomplishment. He caused the Shadow Troops into many revolutions and caused quite a few conflicts within the army. However, none can doubt his loyalty and powerful leadership to the Shadow Troops. Under the mentorship of Coff, he eventually transformed the Shadow Troops into a world power. His methods were unorthodox, however, he focused on efficiency and process rather than the societal generalizations. He foreshadowed the future of armies, implementing the one army rule and isolating the Shadow Troops with the assistance from Coff. Veolata defeated many armies and will be remembered for defeating the Ice Warriors, Underground Mafias Army, Doritos of Club Penguin, Army Republic, SWAT, Army of Club Penguin.


S Cargo2

Inducted January 1st, 2016

S Cargo is most known for leading the Shadow Troops along with fellow legend Vetsd in 2011. During his generation of the Shadow Troops, they earned “Biggest Rise of 2011”, provided by CPAC, as well as retrieving first in the top ten within three months. Also, during their leadership, he recruited many former leaders and legends into the Shadow Troops. During his regime, he defeated armies such as the Ice Warriors, Doritos of Club Penguin, Sky Troops, and the Army Republic. Considering he led the Shadow Troops and the Light Troops at the same time, he contributed a lot to the Shadow Troop’s success in 2011 – 2012, therefore he will forever be remembered for his contributions.