BATTLEJune 20th, 2017
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Shadow Troops 2008-2017: The Conclusion

The intention of this event was to merely celebrate the life of the Shadow Troops. I thank all that attended.

Who knew that after being a rogue for the very first event in 2008, that I would be leading the final one?


As stated previously, the purpose of this event was not to acquire large numbers. We only wanted the remaining members of the Shadow Troops to attend merely because we are a family. Many friendships were made in these 9 years, friendships that can never be broken.

We ended the Shadow Troops exactly where it started, which was the server Parka. In the summer of 2008, Commando993’s Shadow Troops faced off against Blueswill’s Clones in a week long war that is still known today as the Great Parka War. This war commenced a fierce temporary rivalry between the Clones and the Shadow Troops.


Thank you for a great 9 years!


For the final time….

Fear The Shadow.


The End

Final Event times

6:00 PM EST

3:00 PM PST

4:00 PM CST

Tuesday, March 28th

Hope to see you all there.


ST Event Results


1 Event

CPAC battle vs LT

You were there

We maxed 26. Include that in top 10 calc. Thankx bai.

Lumberjack: Ender of Bears

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