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Welcome to the Uniform Page! This is what you’ll be wearing in battle to identify yourselves as part of this army, the Shadow Troops Uniform. 

Fear the Shadow


Our uniform is very basic, making it easy to become a Shadow Troop.

Snowboard Helmet: Found in the “Snow and Sports” catalog in the Ice Rink, it can be bought for 400 coins


Sunglasses: Can be found in “The F.I.S.H.”, in the Penguin Secret Agency Head Quarters, for 200 coins


Black Hoodie: In the “Penguin Style” catalog in the Gift Shop, you can find this item for 300 coins.


Hockey Skates: Can be bought in the “Snow and Sports” catalog at the Ice Rink for 300 coinsScreenshot_8

Dark Toboggan: Can be found on top the Ski Hill and is sold in the “Sled Racing – Game Upgrades” catalog for 300 coins


It is very important that you follow these guidelines to the best of your ability, to make us not only look stronger, but feel more unified. This is our unifying force, and it is the key to success. See you on the battlefield, Shadow Troops